Favorite books of 2023

by Anders Rodem, Kindle-addict

I got through a lot of books in 2023, but only a couple of them really stood out. Here they are:

The alchemist

This is my favourite book of all time. Following a young shepherd through his adventure, it is a wonderful story about following your passion (or “Personal Legend”). Even though it is told like a fiction novel, it is like a motivational business book, a philosophy book and a self-help book all in one.

Read it, I cannot recommend it enough.

Steve Jobs

Not only is this written as a masterpiece, it gives a wonderful insight into the life of Steve Jobs. He bent the universe to his will, this books explains how. Unlike many other biographies it is extremely honest. He comes off as a genius, but also a real dick. A motional book with a ton of technical detail and great story-telling.

Radical Candor

Kim Scott, an earlier executive at Google and Apple, lifts the skirt on how great leadership is performed. There is great insights into her “quadrant of leadership” and why “radical cantor” is so effective. While it is not a bible on how to lead, it certainly gives some good pointers on how to establish and keep good relationships in the workplace. Highly recommend to skim through it.

The workshop survival guide

If you have ever held a workshop and plan on doing another, this is a must read. Some of the content might feel obvious, but the framework is amazing. It elevated how I do workshops slightly, which really pays off in the long run.

Computer networking - A top down approach

Yes, this is a university book. However, it is the only one good enough that I read it all the way through. It gives an amazing look into how the modern internet actually works. It is suprisingly both simpler AND more complex than you could ever imagine. A fascinating book, more on the technical side, that will change your perspective on how a lot of the things around us work. I can tell you for certain that you never will look at your phone or laptop the same way again.

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