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From travelling circus to tv-commercials, I produced commercials for Audi, Marriott, Orkla and Bislett Games.

My role

My got my first “real” job when I knocked on the door of a travelling carnival to ask if I could join them. Yeah, it actually works! I wanted to shoot commercials for them, typical 2016 Facebook-ads they could put on when going to a new city. Loaded with a borrowed camera from my mom and home-made video-equipment I hopped on a train to the carnival (I was too young to drive, so everything had to fit on a trolley).

Over the span of 4 years, that job evolved to an award-winning marketing agency. I returned to the carnival every year to shoot them commercials as a thank-you. Let’s have a look at a couple projects.

All the videos here are made by me.

Bislett Games

Bislett Games is the largest track and field event in Norway. In an attempt to appeal to a broader audience and attract new sponsors, we deviated entirely from the “normal” way of advertising track and field. With a lot of up and coming talent, some view their achievements as superhuman. Tapping into that notion we presented each of the Norwegian athletes as their own superhero.

In our superhero-universe the athletes are fighting the environment monster (a stab to a previous sponsor, Exxon) while trying to save Bislett Games.

All athletes got a role in our animation film as well as a stylised poster.

Results: Bislett Games went from a half-full stadium to fully sold out in a year.


Case-video (norwegian):


When Audi was launching their electric car, the Audi e-tron, I was tasked with making promotional material for the launch. I did a range of videos, including advertisements, video-handbooks, launch-events and videos for company events.

Fun fact: this job made me quit the advertising industry. Not because the project wasn’t cool (in fact, it was awesome). However, when I received the prototype car for shooting I realised that I would much rather make the car than make videos for it. After the shoot I packed up my gear and stopped taking on new work.

Kick-off-video. A lot hinged on the launch of the e-tron. Business hadn’t been the best for the last couple of years, so the success of the e-tron would be a make or break moment. Acknowledging this, we made a video comparing it to the space-race in the sixties. It was a hard battle, but we know who won ;) The executives and management acted as the cast.

See a compilation of the videos here:

Riis bygg:

As a premium home-builder, Riis needed the videos to match. I built a campaign to accomplish two things:

  1. Show that Riis-homes are best in class.
  2. That you aren’t just buying a house, you are buying a dream home.

The series was called: “The dream of …” where we showcased all the homes had to offer like “the dream of a big kitchen”, “a big garden”, “a princess room”. The punchline was always “the dream of a home!”.

We made tens of videos for every surface, cinema, tv, social media, web. The campaign was a huge hit.

X meeting point

I made well over 100 videos for X. It being a cool new conference center I got creative freedom to make whatever I wanted.

Here you can see Health Angels, a fitness concept for their hotel. A healthy new menu, exercise room and a new button on the remotes showing our new fitness concept on the tvs. This is from the launch video in London.

Conferences and meetings can drag out and become tiresome. We created Xboost, a way to keep energy high throughout the day. Green juices, exercises and healthy snacks.

Aller Travel

Even pensioners are mostly online these days. When your main advertising channel of selling package-vacations for retirees is magazines, you need to expand your market mix. On a chartered plane to Italy with 10 pensioners, my first job abroad involved relaxing hikes, great food and a lot of wine. Can’t complain!

While too “slow”-paced for 2024, these videos really hit the mark back in 2018. Perfect for the target audience.

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