About me - Passion for building

When I was a kid I spent hours in the shed building stuff. The only thing that has changed since then is swapping out the shed for an office.

The black and white - Academics and work

A degree does not mean you are any better than others. That being said it does not hurt. I am in debt to these instutions, in hearth, wisdom and wallet. Let's see if a Masters degree comes out of it.

  • UC Berkeley
    Computer Science - Focusing on AI and Machine Learning.
  • NTNU
    INDØK - Industrial Economics and Technology Management.
  • BI

I've been lucky enough to work some great places as well. I highly recommend them.

  • Firda - VC - Incoming S24
    Venture capital / Venture studio.
  • NBIM - Finance - "The Oil Fund"
    Machine Learning / AI intern.

From the blog

I try to share some of my learnings, thoughts and ideas

Favorite books of 2023

Earlier this year i set out to read more books. These are the best I read.

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I wont bite, let's get in touch

My "offices", swing by!

  • San Francisco
    Ferry Building
  • Trondheim
    NTNU Gløshaugen
    Somewhere in a book