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As an experienced speaker in technology and innovation, I specialize in delivering engaging and insightful talks tailored to each audience and event. My expertise covers a range of formats including keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and MC roles. My experience spans conferences, meetups, corporate events, podcasts, and radio shows. I excel in presenting fun, inspiring talks focused on technology, learning from blunders, and recognizing opportunities.

Understanding AI: A visual presentation on how AI actually works, and how you can utilise it

Everyone talks about AI, but few know how it actually works. While it may look daunting, it is actually “surprisingly simple”. The concept of modern AI could be taught in an hour, applying them a lifetime. How about we stick to the hour then?

This is more than just a basic overview – it's a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of AI systems. The goal is for you to not only understand how AI works, but understand the capabilities and limitations of modern AI. That way you come out prepared to incorporate AI into your job and life.

Implementing AI in Business: Practical Strategies for Success

Ready to embrace AI? It's time to move beyond the hype and discover how AI can be both accessible and profitable in your business. You’ll find it’s both easier and harder than you might realise.

I have experience implementing the field from both NBIM (“The oil fund”) as well as building and selling my very own AI-company.

What You'll Learn:

Real-World Applications: Understand how AI is currently being used in various industries and how it can be adapted to your specific business needs.

Simplifying AI Implementation: Discover strategies to make AI integration straightforward and cost-effective.

Innovation for Everyone

After building a couple of businesses I started to see some patterns. These are some sure-fire ways to accelerate every kind of process in your company.

This talk is ideal for those looking to foster an innovative environment in the workplace, start their own business, or turn an idea into reality. I have compiled top-tier advice from the world's leading experts, combined with my own experiences, to provide you with a talk filled with valuable takeaways.

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of tears, lawsuits, and success.

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